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Legal Quest is involved with the design and execution of legal consumer research for attorneys dealing with issues related to intellectual property disputes.

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Surveys For The Intellectual Property Attorney

Legal Quest helps attorneys support a case or claim or challenge a competitive position with our expert witnesses who are involved with supervising every phase of the program from the sampling plan, the interviewing process, coding, tabulation, and multiple validations which go beyond current standards and guidelines.  They conduct statistical treatments of the data and are highly experienced in analyzing  and supporting the results, writing declarations, as well as giving testimony in court if necessary.

Each expert witness has decades of experience and collectively, has had successful results in a disproportionately positive number of the hundreds of projects in which they have been involved.  These include advertising claims, brand equity or trademark infringement such as dilution or confusion.

The depth of knowledge and comprehensive experience of our expert witnesses gives them a sense of knowing what to expect and how best to prepare for what might or will come up at any point in the case.  Interviewing, tabulations, and validations are provided by our in-house research company that has been conducting these surveys under legal guidelines for several years.

Our experts have worked with many of the leading law firms throughout the country in the intellectual property arena and many of the Fortune 500 companies in the food, beverage, financial services, technology, TV provider, and restaurant chain industries as well. They understand and are knowledgeable about network requirements including procedures for obtaining  network clearance.

We have extensive experience with Lanham Act cases, U.S. Courts, the NAD and FTC. Legal Quest provides a unique, integrated approach with seamless connections under one roof.


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